In addition to designing and fabricating fire apparatus, GK also performs modifications and enhancements to existing apparatus, regardless of manufacturer.Gowans-Knight was pleased to assist the Norfolk (CT) Volunteer Fire Department with upgrades to their Tanker 10 including; New stainless steel A.H. Stock Newton swivel chute with electrically actuated extension, new, electrically activated dump valve, and a rear view camera with 7" color display. See the "before" photos shown below. We removed the old steel dump valve which was manually operated. The manual bolt-on chutes were mounted to the rear step. We moved the rear lights lower so they were not obstructed by the new chute, and installed the rear view camera. The result is far more efficient and safer system !


 Images below show the original, manually operated system. Note the steel dump valve with manual operation and manual bolt on chutes that were mounted to the rear step.